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Things are being added, updated, or changed all the time so keep checking back. The latest additions list below indicates only major items added.
november 07, yes, we are still alive! Things are being added for the tour and other bits and bobs that I'm getting sent, thanks for the all the input. See you at a gig soon.
december 07 , added some great links to youtube clips courtesy of Aleutia, including soundchecking and interviews with Iain and Mike at the Bristol gig. View them on the 2015 page.
november 27, wow, a year has flown by! A mini tour of the UK has just happened and some stuff from that has been posted up. View it on the 2015 page. Thanks, once again, to Wayne Stimson for various scans.
august 28, I've updated the section for the gigs just played with some links to videos and photos on the 2011 section.
november 23, the Doubt UK gigs went down a storm. If you weren't there you missed a treat. Australian and New Zealand fans still have a mini tour to look forward to in March 2015 Meanwhile, I've added some of the videos that are floating around on Youtube. View them on the Video page. The page may take a while loading.
september 20 , The Doubt tour was an undoubted success, many old fans and new ones got the chance to see the Joneses at their finest, some stuff from that tour has been added to the site, view it on the 2014 page.
december 29, wishing you all a prosperous New Year. Hope you managed to get to one of the December gigs. One gig so far for 2014 but rumours of an anniversary show for Doubt are being teased. Join Facebook even if it is only to keep up with the latest news and fellow fans and pictures.
october 01, I've added the 25 Year Liquidizer special release DVD/CD with all the additional bits and pieces on the Liquidizer releases page. A standard version of this will be available soon from the shop.

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Jesus Jones Facebook pageThings are happening, gigs have happened, double compilation CD is out. If you have any decent photo sets or stuff from the gigs it is always appreciated to link to. A UK tour for 2016 is about to take place:-

November Tour -
Sunday 13th Shiine on Weekender Festival Minehead Tickets
Monday 14th BRISTOL The Fleece
Box Office: 01179 299008 Tickets
Tuesday 15th NOTTINGHAM Rescue Rooms Tickets
Thursday 17th LONDON Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen Tickets
Friday 18th BEDFORD Esquires
Box Office: 01234 340120 Tickets
Saturday 19th November HEBDEN BRIDGE Trades Club - Tickets
Sunday 20th November STOWMARKET John Peel Centre for Creative Arts
Monday 21st November CAMBRIDGE The Portland Arms

New tracks are being recorded. The Suck It Up EP is in production. Mike has set up a mailing list so you can get clips of the new songs in progress and catch the latest news:
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